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Finnish printers into Flexotech Awards finals

Finnish printers qualified again into the Flexotech International Print & Innovations Awards finals. This year, like many other years, RKW Finland Oy and DS Smith Finland made again their way to the finals in Flexible Packaging and in Corrugated Post-Print categories. Both companies have been several times earlier in the finals and have also received awards for their high quality flexo printing. The highly appreciated awards ceremony will be held on October 16th in London.


More sustainable packaging printing

Until now, the sustainability of packaging has been connected to the choice of packaging materials and their recyclability. The new, high-quality EGP (Expanded Gamut Printing) technology allows us to pay attention to environmental matters even during the printing process. The paper bags of Raisio’s Sunnuntai baking products, which recently underwent a design change, are an excellent example of how packaging printing can be made eco-friendlier and also higher-quality with the help of the new technology. Raisio is now entitled to use the GreenerPrinting™ label on these products.


Expanded Gamut Printing gains attention in Italy

The 10th international FlexoDay seminar was organized on 15 November in Bologna, Italy. The event was hosted by Italy's flexography association, ATIF (Associazione Tecnica Italiana per la Flessografia). Over 400 flexography and packaging industry professionals from several countries gathered in Bologna to network and discuss the latest news and the future of the industry. Marvaco was one of the companies to speak about EGP at the seminar.