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RKW Finland has Scandinavian first FHD Certificate

publication date: 2013/08/22

RKW Finland Ltd, the supplier of high quality printed film solutions, has achieved a highly appreciated Full HD Flexo -partner certificate. The certificate is granted by Esko as the first printer in the Nordic Region. In the world this is the third of a kind.

Full HD Flexo is new technology, that yields better highlight control, advanced color strength and smooth transitions to zero. Also image sharpness is even better than with conventional HD Flexo.

RKW Filnand together with it's prepress supplier Marvaco, has done a significant amount of work to enhance printing quality with Full HD Flexo, and it has become a high quality standard in this sector.

Full HD Flexo criteria to obtain the certificate are qualitywise increasingly demanding. The qualification process takes time, because the criteria requires several separate print sample evaluations.

RKW has been the leader of high print quality development in the printing industry. The printed jobs of RKW have been highly rewarded several times in the international print competitions.

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