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More sustainable paper bags for bread

publicerad: 25.04.2019

Brand owners want the packaging to be recyclable, but also the printing and packaging production to become eco-friendlier. Sinuhe Bakery is one of the first to choose a more sustainable printing method for its updated packages. Their packages now have the GreenerPrinting™ label.

For the Sinuhe Jälkiuuni Ruisneppari and Kauraneppari products, the eco-efficiency of the printing has been increased by performing the colour separation with Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP™), which is a requirement for receiving the GreenerPrinting™ label. The EGP technology allows for reduced environmental impact in addition to high-quality prints. In this new technology, the inks that have traditionally been mixed manually have been replaced with standardised, digitally mixed primary colours.

Peltolan Inc, which printed the paper bags for Sinuhe, is one of the pioneers in Europe in printing on paper packaging using GreenerPrinting™ EGP. The company has determinedly aimed to reduce the environmental impact of printing. They have adopted the EGP technology in collaboration with prepress partner Marvaco and ink supplier Siegwerk Finland.

Ville Järvenpää, the CEO of Peltolan Inc, states: 

Taking care of environmental values is a common responsibility for the entire delivery chain. That's why packaging suppliers are also seeking solutions to reduce their environmental impact. In addition to eco-efficiency, this new method allows designers greater freedom when choosing colors and implementing artwork.

Marvaco is the European pioneer in EGP™ and is also responsible for monitoring the criteria for GreenerPrinting™. Many brand owners are currently moving on to GreenerPrinting™.

More information:

Kai Lankinen
Chair of the Board, Marvaco Oy 

Veli-Pekka Salminen
Sinuhe Oy

Ville Järvenpää
CEO, Peltolan Inc 

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